Client • Paccaya Foundation       — 2018

Brand Identity — Paccaya

Paccaya Foundation aims to make the essence of Dhamma accessible and relevant to modern society and to perpetuate the teachings of the Buddha.

The ask is to do a brand refresh that appears more to young adult.


A 2-day meditation trip to Chiang Mai to experience Buddhism teaching first hand. Discovered an insight that Buddhism teaching can be too serious for people that result in their hesitation in participating. The result: The core theme in Buddhism teaching is to appreciate all the little things in life and be true to itself. Taking this core thinking as the initiative, I have invited kids to draw their own “wisdom”, taking it as is and created a collection of small doodles that has a bigger meaning. Created a true and original design language that is generated by the purest wisdom straight from the people in Chiang Mai and allows it to be the brand.


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