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Aēsop Oasis — Membership program 

Aēsop Oasis is a membership programme that recognises members’ personal journeys and provides them with what they need to live a fulfilling life through recognition and replenishment.

Throughout our lives, we are constantly exploring, evolving, and expanding. Our minds and bodies experience continuous change, whether due to new ideas or insights, new dreams or careers, transitions of the seasons, or the smallest shifts in our day-to-day. With these changes comes a need to find moments and spaces in which to nourish ourselves — both inside and out.




Purchase & Welcome

It’s the same .com, updated to be not only a point of entry for registration but also a source of inspiration — through personalised and localised content, curated for the community

Feature local communities that reflect Aēsop’s values
Display popular products, events, etc. within the region



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Purchase & Welcome

Anyone can join the Aēsop Oasis membership programme, whether through a simple sign-up form or when they purchase a product.



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Once their profile is complete, they are presented with various options for how to craft a routine around it. Over time, Aēsop Oasis learns to recognise customers’ needs and how to proactively serve them through moments of replenishment



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Education & Inspiration 

As we understand more about our customers, moments of replenishment start to expand beyond our products.

Social Gifting: Realising the needs of our customers doesn’t just happen within our ecosystem — it also ripples out onto other platforms

Curated gift packages relevant to important calendar events (Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, friends’ birthdays, etc.)

Add products with a lower price point for friends to gift each other.
Ensure that we’re always driving Kakao users to the Aēsop storefront on KakaoTalk.



Giving back: During the journey, we find moments to celebrate how members are giving back through their purchases, and give them new opportunities to donate towards local causes

Messaging appears after replenishing the product.
Causes to Support can be wrapped into featured content on .com

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The Aēsop Oasis card

further streamlines our members’ lives and helps them expand beyond their current perspectives, whether they are visiting a retail store, traveling, or exploring the world.

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The journey doesn’t end here

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