Client • Parker Institute   Agency • R/GA       — 2019
Team | Mike Rigby, Antonio Moton, Corey Lewis, Annelise Alexander

Visual Identity — PICI

Assembling an incredible brain trust of early believers, pioneers and six leading academic research institutions, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy was formed. Our brand has the power to illuminate what we do and inspire others to stand behind our mission. And it should be as ambitious as we are. It’s more than just a logo. Our brand is a common identity that’s expressed across all the ways people experience PICI—from our business cards to our fundraising galas. It helps us show the world who we are and what we’re capable of.



PICI Brand Playbook
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PICI Brand Playbook_Page_059
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_060
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_112
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_113
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_100
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PICI Brand Playbook_Page_102
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_103
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_104
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_105
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_109
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_107
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_110
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_082
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_083
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_084
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_122
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_115
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_116
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_119
PICI Brand Playbook_Page_117
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PICI Brand Playbook_Page_125
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