Client • Saysh       — 2021

Saysh: @allysonfelix @pwesley22

Co-Head of Brand at Saysh: @hrrypchm @berrnise
Director: @harrisonboyce
Executive Producer: @shelbygallery Produced By: @group.thrpy
Saysh Producer: @mayaschulefand Producer: @carolmemine
Editor: @maxwellmbasch DP: @harrisonboyce 1st AC: @danielworlock
Digitech: Justin Ruhl Makeup: @kristinhilton @maworldgroup
Styling: @turnerturner Hair: @dylanchavles
Post Producer: @tmz.tmi Color: @jalob @aliwebb_producer
Sound Design/Mix: @hamiltonboyce

Saysh Launch Campaign — I Know My Place

In the lead-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Yoshiro Mori, president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee, said women have an “annoying” tendency to make meetings run unnecessarily long and that they should “know their place”. He was fired from his position. Still, this was a lighting rod moment in culture, where antiquated and insulting views of women were continuing to be perpetuated.

The film above introduced a brand called Saysh to the world. The brand’s mission is to “undermine inequality with female creativity and athleticism.” Mr Mori, unknowingly, had given us a gift, with his bigoted comments.

To know your place is to accept your position. To get back in your box. To limit. To retreat. This lazy, ubiquitous phrase is the enemy of Saysh. We believe women are authentically enough. And In the great tradition of reclaiming and inverting insults and slurs - we launched Saysh to the world with one simple declaration from Allyson Felix - I Know My Place.


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