Client • MUJI   xx      — 2016

Design Exploratory — MUJI 

What is the most ordinary product in your day to day life that is so essential but you might have forgotten to appreciate its existence? Visualizing the sensation of q-tip: clouds at your fingertips; Tackling the ask (to make anything under $1 feel premium) inspired by high fashion brand like Rick Owens & Alexandra Wang, absorbing it with MUJI minimal approach that focuses in quality. Even cotton swabs can be a part of your aesthetic. Just like your little black dress, these are also your secret weapons. Whether it’s makeup, dust on your keyboard, or the mysteries that lie in your ears, everything looks better in black. Created a black on black q-tip line from photography, art direction, customized q-tip typeface to packaging that the brand itself is the experience.


Selected Works

I Know My PlaceSaysh | Brand Launch Campaign

SayshSaysh | Brand 360°

Home of SayshSaysh | Retail Experience

OmorphoBrand Launch/ Brand ID

Hodinkee - HolidayHodinkee | Holiday Campagin 2021

Saysh SS LookbookSummer Campaign

Saysh x KithBrand Partnership

Saysh Equality Over AntiquitySaysh | Brand Campaign

GoogleFuture Vision


Saysh Two CampaignProduct Design & Campaign & Lookbook

PICIParker Institute


Trendex StoneTrendexStone

PATHPath Foundation

SZA — Unstaged Concert(Live Performance)


Anklet by SayshSaysh | Product Campaign

M&MM&M Digital Experience

KATE'SButcher & Cookshop

YAKOLive Nation

Uniqlo x UTUniqlo